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one twenty-five magazine

self critique - page 112

volume 3 - august 2015

one twenty-five magazine

my truth - pages 26-39

volume 5 - december 2015


into the light: creating beautiful black & white images

with megan "max" axelsson

Join Megan “Max” Axelsson and Shannon “Shan” Wilkinson as they capture the magic of black and white imagery. In this Breakout session, Shan and Max will walk you through the steps necessary to create gorgeous black and white images— the kind of timeless images that have the power to draw you in and leave you wanting more. You’ll learn how to work with light and environment to achieve different moods in your images. From lighting to wardrobe choices, capturing emotive images to black and white conversions, this Breakout will give you everything you need to start creating compelling black and white photographs on your own!

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one twenty-five magazine

a photographic friendship with megan "max" axelsson

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clickin moms

my photography journey

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