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about shan

THESE beautiful creatures are my inspiration.

SHAN WILKINSON is an award winning photographer who shoots medium and large format film photography, as well as digital. Her love of dark and haunting imagery has guided her career, but as a deeply passionate person, she also seeks emotionally charged imagery whether it be happy, sad or somewhere in between. Rather than chasing light, she seeks out the shadows in her effort to capture the emotional depth of that which she is shooting.

She is wife to Roger, mom to Durell, Alyssa, Olivia, Isabella and Emerson, mother-in-law to Courtney and Blake, and grandmother to Maverick with one more coming to our family in March 2018. She loves hopelessly romantic stories, the smell of a newborn, thunderous rain storms (bring on the lightening!), and gardening old, heirloom roses. She loves the sound the ocean makes as it hits the shore, the way a child’s face lights up when they have an aha moment, chubby and dimpled baby hands, and the smell of rain on hot pavement. She embraces all things sappy.

SHAN is not currently accepting new client portrait sessions.

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